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MTS / Plateforme de marquage isotopique

Technological platform


This platform has expertise in the synthesis of compounds labelled with stable isotopes (2H / deuterium and 13C / carbon-13) and by beta radioactive isotopes (3H / tritium, 14C / carbon-14 and 125I / iodine-125).
It also offers the possibility to analyse these isotopically labelled compounds: HPLC (chemical and radiochemical purity), MS (determination of isotopic enrichments and specific activities), scintillation counting, NMR (liquid and solid), MEB,
Finally, the platform offers solutions for the treatment of liquid radioactive waste, in particular those containing carbon-14 and tritium


  • Mr Davide AUDISIO
  • Mr Grégory PIETERS

Innovation themes

Map and access

CEA/DRF/JOLIOT, CEA Centre de Saclay, SCBM, Bâtiment. 547