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MIRCEN / Biologie moléculaire, Culture Cellulaire, Production Virale, Biochimie

Technological platform


The platform offers its expertise in the development, production and characterisation of viral vectors derived from AAV (adeno-associated virus) and lentivirus. These viral vectors allow stable or transient gene transfer in vitro in cell lines or primary cultures and in vivo in a whole organism (rodent, non-human primate, etc.). They can be used to overexpress a gene of interest, inhibit an endogenous gene (shRNA), or express a reporter gene.
The platform is composed of two technical platforms: i) a L1 laboratory for molecular biology and cellular microbiology dedicated to the cloning of genes of interest in eukaryotic expression plasmids but also to the study of gene expression in animal models; ii) a L3 laboratory composed of 10 rooms dedicated to the production and manipulation of viral vectors. Here viral vectors are titrated and tested for efficacy.
The evaluation of the biodistribution and biological effect of these vectors is then mainly handled by the histology platform but also by the in vivo imaging platform (and in particular TEP imaging) and the behavioural analysis platform.


  • Mr Alexis BEMELMANS
  • Mrs Marie-Claude GAILLARD

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18, route du Panorama
CEA Paris-Saclay, site de Fontenay-aux-Roses, MIRCen

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