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This platform offers methodologies, equipment and expertise for the selection, characterisation and engineering of nuclease-resistant DNA, RNA or nucleic acid aptamers. These aptamers can be used in various applications such as the development of contrast agents, biopurification processes, diagnostic kits, or new therapies. The platform is open to services or collaborations with industry or academic laboratories and allows the identification of aptamers against any type of target (small molecules, peptides, proteins, cells...). By ensuring the protection of our work (patents, confidentiality agreement, MTA...), we work closely with our partners in order to be as close as possible to their needs. Particular care is taken with the selection protocols to ensure that the aptamers are best suited to their end use. Our platform can also be used to characterise aptamers in terms of affinity, specificity and biological activity.
Recently the platform has developed a method (PATTERNITY.seq©) to improve the selection of aptamers using high-throughput sequencing. This method allows faster identification of aptamers and has received awards at the last two international aptamer conferences.


  • Mr Frédéric DUCONGÉ

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