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Microscopie et imagerie des micro-organismes, animaux et aliments (MIMA2)

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The Micro-organisms, Animals and Food Microscopy and Imaging Platform (MIMA2) is a platform of several INRA research units located at the INRA Île-de-France-Jouy-en-Josas centre. It brings together complementary equipment offering the possibility of working from the nanoscopic scale to the whole animal, and on live, pathogenic or prepared samples, depending on the method. The techniques available are in vivo imaging by X-ray, bioluminescence, ultrasound or fibre, videomicroscopy and structured illumination, confocal microscopy, and scanning and transmission electron microscopy. The platform offers its know-how and its laboratory space for the samples that will be processed there (veterinary and surgical skills, preparation protocols and automats, possibility of working in a confined L2 environment, autonomously or as a service provider). The platform has multidisciplinary scientific expertise: development of the embryo and its appendages, cardiology, tissue composition of biomedical or agronomic mammal models, infectious monitoring in small animal models, micro-organisms and food matrices. The structure is open to all external requests on all subjects of study within the limits of the capacity of its instruments. The platform is labelled Ibisa and INRA's Collective Scientific Infrastructure.


  • Mrs Corinne COTINOT

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