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L'Institut Paris Saclay d'Innovation Thérapeutique (IPSIT)

Research unit


L'Institut Paris Saclay d'Innovation Thérapeutique (IPSIT) is a mixed unit of service (UMS) composed of 11 technological platforms. It plays a leading role in the development of the scientific projects of the associated units of Châtenay-Malabry, Clamart and Plessis Robinson sites whose common objectives are to identify new therapeutic targets. IPSIT is also at the service of private and public research laboratories from the Île-de-France Sud region.


  • Mrs Valérie DOMERGUE

Innovation themes

Map and access

IPSIT Université Parris-Saclay - Faculté de Pharmacie Bat Henri Moissan 17 avenue des Sciences
IPSIT, Faculté de Pharmacie
91400 Orsay

Our research areas


- Pharmaceutical sciences
- Bioinformatics
- Cell Imaging
- Immunohistochemistry
- Animal models
- Functional Exploration
- Laboratory glassware
- Flow cytometry
- Analytical chemistry
- Transcriptomics
- Proteomics
- Biochemistry
- Lipidomics
- High-throughput screening
- Protein-protein interactions

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

IPSIT platforms:
? Functional exploration in animals ANIMEX
? Molecular screening CIBLOT
? Bioinformatics
? Molecular interactions INTERMOL
? Cellular Imagery MIPSIT
? Experimental pathology and tele-expertise PHIC
? Immuno-monitoring Immunomonitorage using Flow and mass-cytometry PLAIMMO
? Platform of proteomics and transcriptomics TRANS-PROT
? Platform of mass spectrometry and lipidomics SAMM
? scientifc and technical glassworks (VERRE SCIEN-TECH)

Our results

Projects examples

-Characterization of the role of the main families of vascular cAMP-PDE in the regulation of vascular basal tone
-Study of the mode of action of 5-HT4 receptor agonist antidepressant molecules
- Study of the effect of a group of protein Gadd45 (The Growth arrest and DNA - damage - inducible 45) in the development of heart failure after myocardial infarction
- Study of the affinity of prolactin (PRL) for its counterpart receptor (PRLR) and its effect on cell proliferation and differentiation
- Study of the inhibitory effect of the peptide AF-16 on the increase of the trans-cellular movement promoted by the protein Sat in the epithelial barrier cells of the human intestine

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

In France:
-Matériaux et santé
-Lyp(Sys)² - lipides, systèmes analytiques et biologique
-BPS- bactéries, pathogènes et santé
-Inflammation, chimiokines et immunopathologie
-Hypertension artérielle pulmonaire: physiopathologie et thérapies innovantes.
-Signalisation et physiopathologie cardiovasculaire
-Équipe dépression, anxiété et suicide
-Equipe mécanismes moléculaires et cellulaires d'adaptation aux stress et cancérogenèse
-BioCIS - Biomolécules : Conception, isolement et synthèse
-Insitut Galien Paris-Sud - Physico Chimie Pharmacotechnie et Biopharmacie
-Equipe latence et virulence et Herpesvirus

Private collaborations