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LBPA / Plateforme biophotonique et d'imagerie cellulaire

Technological platform


The biophotonics platform provides instrumental methods for the study of organic molecules or biomolecules (protein, DNA...) by measuring the temporal variations of fluorescence emission signals.
temporal variations of fluorescence emission signals. The cellular imaging platform of the LBPA (Institut d'Alembert, ENS-Paris-Saclay) allows the observation of biological and biophysical phenomena, intra and intercellular mammalian, plant and
with expertise in multiphoton microscopy and time-resolved fluorescence analysis. The different microscopies and spectroscopic techniques are adapted to the multidisciplinary nature of the institute and to the different
scales of study (mainly molecular and cellular).


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61, avenue du Président Wilson
LBPA, Bâtiment d'Alembert
91191 CACHAN

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