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Laboratory structure, properties, modelisation of solids

Research unit


The research at SPMS is mainly focused on three aspects:
- Energy functional materials
- Advanced ferroics
- Electronic structure, modeling and simulation tools
At the interface between physics and chemistry, the goal of SPMS is to discover ground breaking materials in the field of energy, electronics and healthcare. The exploration of new compositions, and advanced characterization of structural properties respent the strength of SPMS. The laboratory actively collaborates with other academic partners. SPMS is involved in a wide variety of research projects: labex Palm, Nanosaclay and LasiPs. Internationally, the laboratory is connected with sevaral institutes (Japon, USA, India, China) and industrial partners (Schiumberger, Thelès, ST Microelectronics, Ferroperm,..).


  • Mr Hichem DAMMAK

Innovation themes

Map and access

Avenue Joliot Curie

Our research areas


Material's development:
- synthesis of nanoporous powders with controlled shape
- development of dense ceramic
-laser induced cristallization

In situ structural characterization:
- Rietveld analysis aith grazing incidence
-diffraction in controlled temperature (10 - 1600 K) and atmosphere (p02, pH2, pH2O).
- transmission electron microscopy study of the structure and composition at the atomic scale.
- Raman spectroscopy: cartography, measurements at different temperatures
- high resolution difraction for active molecules

Functional properties:
- advanced ferroic: design, multiferroic: BFO, materials AFE, multiferroic hybrids, ferro-energy (superconductors, electrocaloric materials, photo-effect in multiferric).
-transport properties measurements - impedance, conduction electronic/ionic, piezoelectricity, at different temperatures (10 - 1600 K) and controlled atmosphere (p02, pH2, pH2O).
- electrocaloric properties
- elasticity at different temperatures and controlled atmosphere

- new functionals for DFT calculation
- extension of molecular dynamics at low temperatures, consideration of quantic effect
- cristallization and high resolution diffraction with applications on active molecules
- DFT calculation of elastic properties at extreme conditions

Applications sectors

  • Other business
  • Energy
  • Health / wellness
  • Electronic / photonics
  • Materials (Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Composite...)

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 37
Number of researchers : 11
Number of doctoral students : 10

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

Academic :
Equipment for synthesis and chemical treatment of materials :
- ceramics, nanopowders : lyophilisators, grinders, sintering furnaces, (Spark Plasma Sintering) / pressers
- thin layer, nanowire/tubes monocrystal: laser ablation and cathodic spaying

Diffraction center:
- high resolution X ray diffraction (diffractometer two circles, diffractometer on rotating anode), microscopy (SEM, AFM, photoemission X-PEEM), spectroscopies (Raman, Uv/visible)
-electrical measurements (nanoamperemetre, impedancemetre on controlled atmosphere, conductivity...),
thermic measurment (microcalorimetry, thermogravimetry, thermomechanic analysis)
- Modeling: DFT calculation, Monte-Carlo, molecular dynamics


Our results

Valuation offer

- Development of structural characterization technique starting from grazing incidence diffraction.
- Multi-scale modeling of materials for energy (quantique medeling, moleculare dynamics, DFT calculation).

Projects examples

- partner of the sintering platform Spark Plasme Sintering of the CNRS of Thiais
- founder of MOMENTUM: Molecules and Materials for the Energy of Tomorrow
- Nano-Oxytronic projet (LabEx Nanosaclay)

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

- France: CEA-Saclay (team Mixte CARMEN), Faculty of pharmacy (Chatenay-Malabry), le CEA-Cadarache, l'Ecole Polytechnique, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Université de Dijon, Bordeaux, d'Amiens, du Mans, de Nancy, l'ILL, l'ESRF, Soleil, CEA-Grenoble, etc...
- International: University of Tokyo Waseda, Spring8, Arkansas, Brookhaven, EPFL, Krakow, Marrackech, Belgrade, Genova, Lisbon, Ljubiliana, Hanoi, Cranfield, Barcelona, Wi'an,...

Private collaborations

Start-up, CIFRE, partnership with various large groups


Establishments of affiliation