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Laboratoire Structures, Propriétés, Modélisation des Solides (SPMS)/ Advanced Ferroics

Research team


This team is interested in functional oxydes having properties regulated by electric polarisation, mechanic elasticity. Our objective is:
- to discover and develop new materials at different scale ( crystals, ceramic, thin film, nanowire, nanocomposite, hetero-structures....)
- to study new potential applications in the field of electronics (ferroelectric memories, acustic filters, spin electronics...), energy (mechanic energy recovery, electronic storage, photovoltaic...), oil and life science.
- to better understand the microscopic mechanisms (electromechanic coupling, magnetoelectric, photoelectric...) with the aim of understanding the properties and predict the behaviour. This research is based on cutting-edge technology, from the synthesis and the nanostructure to the modeling, characterizing the materials with a wide variety of characterisation techniques. The group develops partnership with known industrial groups (Thales, STMicroelectronics, Ferroperm, Schiumberger...)


  • Mr Brahim DKHIL

Innovation themes

Lab of attachment

Map and access

Avenue Joliot Curie

Our research areas


- synthesis, characterisation and modeling at the nano and macro scale with application of ferroelectric materials (non-volatile memory, memristors), dielectric (DRAM? superconductur), piezoelectric (electromechanic systems, actuator, sensor), multiferroic/magnetoelectric (spintronic), electro/ elastocaloric (refrigeration), photoferroelectric (photovoltaic, photocatalisys photocatalysis, photostriction)
- materials and microscopic mechanism of ferroelectric/ multiferroic/ piezoelectric/ electrocaloric/ photoferroelectric, X ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy in function of temperature, pressure, electric field, ab initio, Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics, effective hamiltonian et phenomenologic (Landau)

Applications sectors

  • Energy
  • Electronic / photonics
  • Materials (Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Composite...)

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 7
Number of researchers : 4
Number of doctoral students : 2

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

Academic :
Synthesis and chemoical treatment of materials:
- ceramic, nanopowder: lyophilisator/grinders/ calcination/ sintering (Spark Plasma Sintering)/ pressers
- thin layer, nanowire/tubes monocrystal:
laser ablation and cathodic pulverisation

Structural analysis:
- X ray diffraction versus temperature, atmosphere, electric field, microscopy (SEM, AFM, photoemission X-PEEM), Raman spectroscopy versus temperature, atmosphere, electric field, variable excitation laser source (UV-Visible).
- electric measurements (nanoamperometre, impedancemetre under controlled atmosphere, conductivity...), thermique measurement (microcalorimetric, thermogravimetric, thermomechanic analysis)
Modeling: DFT, Monte-Carlo, molecular dynamics

Industrial :
- X ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, electric measurements


Our results

Valuation offer

- Synthesis and production of funtional oxyde nanomaterials (start-up NANOE http://www.nanoe.com/fr/products-oxide-nanopowder-oxyde-nanopoudre/)
- Development of innovative cooling laterials (start-up NextMAT http://www.nextmat.com)

Projects examples

- creation of NANOE start-up http://www.nanoe.com/fr/products-oxide-nanopowder-oxyde-nanopoudre/
- creation of NextMat start-up http://www.nextmat.com

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

-France: C'NANO, Triangle de la Physique, LMGP, LETI Grenoble, Université de Montpellier, ESRF, LLB, UMR de Physique CNRS-Thales, ICCMO, IEF(C2N), Gemac, Supelec, CEA
-Europe: ICMM Madrid, EPFL Lausanne, JSI (Slovenia)...
- international: Rostovon University (Russia), Wasadena University (Japan)

Private collaborations

- Start-up NANOE, collaboration with large research groups


Establishments of affiliation