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Laboratoire de biologie et pharmacologie appliquée

Research unit


The research carried out at LBPA focuses on the fields of anti-tumoral and antiviral pharmacology, and on the study of pathogen bacteria. At the most fundamental level, LBPA studies the molecular mechanisms involved in several pahologies via research ranging from macromolecular interactions to thedaynmics of the interactions in complex nucleoproteic systems. This research is made possible by a considerable technological expertise including, for instance, the use of mass spectrometry, biophotonics and time-resolved fluorescence, molecular photonics, NMR, cellular imaging (multiphoton, FLIM, FCS....), level 2 and 3 cellular growth facilites, and bio-sensor systems.
As an entity, LBPA is attached to IDA (Institut d'Alembert).


  • Mr Eric DEPREZ

Innovation themes

Lab of attachment

Map and access

61, avenue du Président Wilson
94230 CACHAN

Our research areas


- regulation of gene expression (nucleaoproteic interactions, micro-RNA)
- DNA condensation and organization
- cellular cycle organization (biology of systems)
- macromolecular interactions (protein folding, antibodies-peptides interactions, DNA-protein interactions)
- high resolution imaging
- time-resolved Fluorescence (lifetime and anisotropic decline)
- fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS and FCCS)
- photoresponsive components for multiphoton cellular imaging
- biosensors/biochips
- nanobiophotonics
- nuclear magnetic resonance
- molecular modelling (atomistic, normal modes...)
- virology (HIV)
- integration and resisting mechanisms
- cellular and molecular oncology
- microbian pathogenics
- degenerative diseases (neuro-degenerative, diabeetus, self-immune ...)
- structural biology - cristallography, SAXS, modelling

Applications sectors

  • Biotechnology
  • Health / wellness

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 72
Number of researchers : 36
Number of doctoral students : 12

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

- 500 MHz NMR (http://ida.ens-paris-saclay.fr/version-anglaise/platforms/nuclear-magnetic-resonance/)
- X-ray crystallography (http://lbpa.ens-paris-saclay.fr/version-anglaise/-275326.kjsp)
- Circular dichroïsm (http://lbpa.ens-paris-saclay.fr/version-anglaise/-46410.kjsp)
- Real time and quantitative PCR (http://lbpa.ens-paris-saclay.fr/version-anglaise/-46395.kjsp)
- Cell culture (L2, L3), flow cytometry (http://ida.ens-paris-saclay.fr/version-anglaise/platforms/cell-culture-platform/)
- Confocal and multi-photon microscopies, time resolved fluorescence imaging (FLIM) (http://ida.ens-paris-saclay.fr/version-anglaise/platforms/cell-culture-platform/)
- spectrofluorimetry, fluorescence plate reader (fluorescence intensity and anisotropy), fluorescence lifetime, time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS), dynamic light scattering (DLS)
- Surface plasmon resonance and AFM (http://lbpa.ens-paris-saclay.fr/version-anglaise/-57074.kjsp)

To be defined on a case-by-case basis depending of the nature of the expected collaboration by the company.


Our results

Valuation offer

Projects examples

- project by CEFIPRA (Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advance Research)(Bianca Sclavi en collaboration avec Marco Cosentino UPMC et Aswin NCBS, Bangalore, Inde)
- HFSP project, 2009-2017 (Bianca Sclavi, en collaboration avec Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino, UPMC, Pietro Cicuta, Cambridge University, UK et Kevin Dorfman, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA)
- ANR 2015-2017 Nostime Time-resolved studies of endothelial nitric oxide synthase catalytic mechanism using photoactive NADPH analogues: - ANR internationale France-USA [France: J. Xie (ENSC), E. Deprez (ENSC), A. Slama-Schwok (INRA), USA: L. Roman (Univ. Texas Health Science center), JJ. Kim (Medical college of Wisconsin)]
- ANR 2015-2018 P-BodyStruct Structure et assemblage des P-bodies [D. Weil (UPMC), E. Deprez (ENSC), P. Andrey (INRA), G. Pierron (IGR)
- International associated laboratory (LIA) in the nucleic acids structures and interactions field, the LIA G-quadruplex-HELI - Helicase-mediated G-quadruplex DNA unwinding and genome stability. Maturation project by SATT Paris-Saclay. C. Nogues, M. Buckle (ENSC).

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

- France: IGR (Villejuif), INRA (Jouy en Josas), CBM (Orléans), UPMC (Paris), Institut Curie (Orsay - Paris), Hôpital Necker (Paris), Univ. Bordeaux 2, Institut Cochin (Paris), Hôpital Pitié Salpêtrière (Paris), Hôpital Bichat
Univ. Paris DescartesHôpital Necker (Paris), Faculté de Pharmacie de Chatenay Malabry, Université Paris XI, ENS Paris, CEA (Saclay), Hôpital Saint Antoine (Paris), Institut Pasteur (Paris), Institut Cochin (Paris), Hôpital Pitié Salpêtrière (Paris), SOLEIL (Saint-Aubin), Genethon (Evry), Faculté de Pharmacie (Strasbourg), Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles (Gif sur Yvette), Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique (IBPC, Paris), ISMO - CNRS UMR 8214 (Université Paris SUD, Paris-Saclay), CNRS UMR 7238 (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), LGPM, ECP-Supelec
- International: Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, Univ. Texas Health Science Center, Houston, USA, Medical college of Wisconsin, USA, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, USA, Univ. College of Dentistry, New York, USA, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Pediatric Branch, National Cancer Institut (Bethesda, USA), Belozersky Institut, Moscow University (Russia), EAST China Normal University ECNU (Shanghaï, China), Tongji University (Shanghaï, China), Academy of Sciences of China (Heifei, China), University of Monash (Australia), St Andrews University (Scotland), University of Birmingham (UK), UFRJ, (Brazil), Cavendish Laboratories, Cambridge University (UK), NCBS, Bangalore (India), Inner Mongolia University (China), University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, (USA)

Private collaborations

Collaboration with several major companies


Establishments of affiliation