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Laboratoire Charles Fabry

Research unit


Charles Fabry Laboratory (LCF) conducts high-level research activities in many fields of optics, from basic themes such as atomic optics, quantum optics, nanophotonics, light-matter interaction and nonlinear optics, to more applied themes such as laser sources, XUV optics, biophotonics and imaging. The quality of research at LCF has resulted in a high number of international (ERC, FP7, H2020), national (ANR) and local (Labex PALM and NanoSaclay) research contracts. LCF has developed a partnership with Safran as part of a joint Chair dedicated to Ultimate Photonics. The LCF takes part in Equipex Cilex-Apollon (Laser 10 PW), Attolab (attosecond sources) and Morphoscope (multi-scale in-vivo imaging) projects and coordinates the XUV (Cemox) thin film processing plant. The LCF is strongly involved in a research partnership with the economic and industrial fabric (collaboration contracts, CIFRE doctoral candidates, joint laboratories, creation of start-ups).


  • Mr Patrick GEORGES

Innovation themes

Map and access

2, avenue Augustin Fresnel

Our research areas


- atom optics
- quantum optics
- nanophotonics
- plasmon
- biomedical imaging
- biophotonics
- lasers
- XUV optics
- optical surfaces optiques and metrology
- optics and data analysis
- physics of images

Applications sectors

  • Other business
  • Defence
  • Electronic / photonics

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 130
Number of researchers : 44
Number of doctoral students : 43

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

- nB3 e-beam lithography system
- Magnetron sputtering
- Ion beam sputtering
- Sputtering
- Reflectometer with grazing incidence x-ray
- Reactive-ion etching
- Mechanical profilometer VEECO
- Fizeau interferometer
- Optical control in polarized light
- Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
- Near IR-Visible spectrometer

- nB3 e-beam lithography system
- XUV (Cemox) thin film processing plant (CEMOX)


Our results

Valuation offer

- nB3 e-beam lithography system
- XUV (Cemox) thin film processing plant (CEMOX)
- Optical workshop (superpolish, molecular adhesion)
- Ionic erosion for the production of aspheric surfaces
- Raman wavelength converter in hollow fibers
- Codes for the modeling of plasmon structures, photonics and electromagnetics

Projects examples

- Dynamic study of relaxation mechanisms in quantum systems
- Study of quantum fluctuations and correlations in n-body states
- Integrated photonics for quantum cryptography
- Individual Rydberg atoms network for quantum information
- Ultimate photonics based on nanoantennas plasmonics
- Metasurfaces for the control of infrared emission
- Ultra-flat diffractive elements
- Functionalization of optical nanofibers
- Multimode Optical Fibers for Telecommunications
- Imaging polarimetry
- Co-design of imaging systems
- Adaptive optics for Extreme Large Telescopes
- Plasmon Surface Biochip
- Optical coherence tomography imaging
- Femtosecond laser for generation of high order harmomics
- Dual-frequency laser for atomic clocks
- IR lasers for in-vivo systems of morphogenesis imaging
- XUV space telescopes for Sun observation
- XUV Time Metrology

Industrial and scientific relations

Private collaborations

Collaboration with several major companies


Establishments of affiliation