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Jean-Pierre Bourgin Institute

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The Jean-Pierre Bourgin Institute (IJPB) covers a very wide field of activity, ranging from fundamental works on the development and physiology of plants to finalized research. It is organized in five scientific poles: Dynamics and expression of plant genomes, plants adaptation to the environment, Cell Wall, Function and Uses, Reproduction and seeds, Morphogenesis, Signaling, modeling. They study the evolution and functioning of plant genomes, the response of plants to the constraints of their environment, various fundamental aspects of plant biology, from cell to plant, characterization of various molecules of plant origin (cellulose, Lignins, lipids) and their industrial uses. This work aims at the food and non-food use of plant products, within the framework of a sustainable agriculture. Its teams are strongly involved in the development of a green chemistry that aims to enhance the biomass of vegetable origin.


  • Mrs Anne KRAPP

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  • Biotechnology
  • Energy
  • Agri-food industry
  • Agriculture
  • Chemistry / Plastics (Glue, Plastic, Rubber...)

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 300
Number of researchers : 110
Number of doctoral students : 34

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

Academics and industry:
- plants culture in controlled and greenhouse conditions
-quarantine and bio-security facilities S2 and S3.
- automated phenotyping: 4 macroscopic phenotyping robots by visible imaging
-IR and fluorescence.
- propagation
-storage and distribution of genetic material (50,000 insertion mutants, several thousand recombinant lines).
- functional and structural study of proteins
-proteomic analysis (heterologous expression
-electrophoresis 1 and 2D crystallization)
- plant imaging: visible and confocal microscopy
-in situ hybridization
-laser dissection
-electron microscopy
-flow cytometry
-Sub-cellular and dynamic localization (spinning-disk microscopy), immunolocalization and FISH.
- analytical chemistry of compounds derived from the plant: analysis of primary metabolites (metabolomic profile) and secondary (flavonoids including anthocyanins
-glucosinolates, carotenoids) by GC-MS and LC-MS / MS. Determination and characterization of lipids and hormones by LC-MS / MS. Characterization and determination of parietal polysaccharides by NIRS
-FT-IR, GC-MS and Maldi-TOF (enzymatic imprint).


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Institut Carnot 3Bar / Carnot Institute Plant2Pro / ANR Future investment BFF / ANR Future investment PEAMUST / ANR Future investment GENIUS /

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