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JANNuS Saclay - Jumelage d'Accélérateurs pour les Nano-Sciences, le Nucléaire et la Simulation

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The JANNuS Saclay platform is dedicated to research on the effects of irradiation in materials. It combines three electrostatic ion gas pedals with wide and complementary ranges of particles and energy. The beams of Pandora, Japet and Epimetheus converge in a common experimental chamber, the triple beam chamber. With the possibility of coupling up to three ion beams and many combinations of double beams, JANNuS-Saclay is thus able to experimentally simulate many of the physical and chemical effects induced during the irradiation of a nuclear material by neutrons (displacement of atoms resulting from the accumulation of ballistic damage and production of new species such as helium or hydrogen). These effects are studied simultaneously or separately in metals, alloys, glasses, ceramics or composite materials.


  • Mr Jean-Luc BECHADE

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Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives DES/ISAS/DMN/SRMP/JANNUS - B126 - PC162, CEA Paris-Saclay

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