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IRCM / plateforme de microscopie photonique

Technological platform


The photonic microscopy platform of the Institute of Cellular and Molecular Radiobiology (iRCM) provides researchers with the necessary equipment and technical skills in photonic microscopy for any scientific project in life sciences at different scales.
Thanks to the multiple microscopy systems present on the platform, it is possible to make acquisitions on different types of samples ranging from yeast/bacteria to tissue sections/slices to whole organs.
The staff provides assistance and training in light microscopy, acquisition and image processing and analysis.


  • Irbah LAMYA

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Map and access

18, route du Panorama
CEA Paris-Saclay, site de Fontenay-aux-Roses, IRCM



  • Réseau Technologique national de Microscopie de Fluorescence Multidimensionnelle (RTMFM)

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