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IPSIT / Service d'Analyse des Médicaments et Métabolites (SAMM)

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The "Engineering and Platforms for Therapeutic Innovation" unit (UMS-IPSIT) is a Joint Services Unit comprising 11 technological platforms. It is resolutely at the interface of chemistry, biology and the clinic by establishing a link between the pathological target (molecular characterisation) and the drug (in vivo tests).

The Service d'Analyse des Médicaments et Métabolites (SAMM) is an instrumental mass spectrometry FP specialised in the structural analysis and quantification of small molecules as well as lipidomic profiling. The SAMM provides researchers with 2 instruments coupled to liquid or gas chromatography for free use or as a service. It also provides the necessary know-how to use these instruments and to interpret their results.

-Quantification of drugs or metabolites in complex biological media.
-Structural characterisation of synthetic molecules, drug degradation products.
Non-targeted lipidomic profiling (phospholipids): separation of lipids by classes (NPLC), detection of species by HRMS and characterisation thanks to information obtained by fragmentation (MSn). From a set of LC/MS data, it is possible to make comparisons of sample populations via a statistical approach of principal component analysis aimed at highlighting differences between groups and thus identifying discriminating lipids.


  • Mr Pierre CHAMINADE
  • Mrs Danielle LIBONG
  • Mrs Audrey SOLGADI

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Bâtiment Henri Moissan HM1 17 avenue des Sciences
UPSaclay / UFR de Pharmacie
91400 ORSAY

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