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The UMS IPSIT, for Engineering and Platforms for Therapeutic Innovation, is a Joint Service Unit of the University of Paris-Saclay, which groups together 10 technological platforms at the interface between the fields of biology, chemistry and medical sciences. The Proteomics platform, which is part of the Paris-Saclay Proteomics Platforms (P2S) network, offers its expertise to the various research players, whether they are researchers from the UFR of Pharmacy or external laboratories, with public or private status. In the context of the study of the proteome, the proteomics platform uses an approach known as Bottom-Up. This involves first digesting the proteins, then analysing the peptide mixture obtained by liquid nano-chromatography coupled to a high-resolution mass spectrometer. The peptides are then eluted, detected according to their mass/charge ratio and fragmented in a controlled manner. The information obtained on the exact mass of the peptides and the amino acid sequence can then be used to identify the proteins and their relative quantification. Depending on their nature, post-translational modifications ( MPTs) can be studied, depending on their stability under the analytical conditions in place on the platform.


  • Mrs Stéphanie YEN-NICOLAŸ
  • Mr Guillaume RUELLOU

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17 Avenue des Sciences
IPSIT, Faculté de Pharmacie
91400 ORSAY

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  • Protéomique de Paris-Saclay (P2S)

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