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IPSIT / Plateforme d'imagerie cellulaire (MIPSIT)

Technological platform


The technical and research platform in cell biology and imaging of the UMS-IPSIT has been installed since November 2000 on the site of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Paris-Sud. This platform, which is open to all research teams, has as its main mission to offer expertise and access to high-performance technological tools in the field of photonic microscopy and image analysis. The visualisation of the localisation of molecules of interest or the monitoring of dynamic processes in the three dimensions of space at the tissue, cellular or sub-cellular level is an additional methodological approach to understanding human pathologies.


  • Mr Christian POUS
  • Mrs Séverine DOMENICHINI

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17 Avenue des Sciences
IPSIT, Faculté de Pharmacie
91400 ORSAY

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