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IPSIT / Plateforme d'Analyse Transcriptomique et Génomique (ACTAGen)

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The ACTAGen platform, located on the Pharmacy campus of the University of Paris-Saclay, is part of the Paris-Saclay GENOmic Platforms (GENOPS) network. It is one of the 11 technological platforms that make up the UMS-IPSIT Joint Service Unit (Engineering and Platforms for Therapeutic Innovation).

We offer our expertise to the various research actors, from the University of Paris-Saclay or from external laboratories, of public or private status. We perform qualitative and quantitative transcriptome analysis on microarrays, and expression measurement of selected genes by real-time quantitative PCR, from cells and tissues of various origins. Statistical and bioinformatics processing of the data is performed with the IPSIT/BIOINFO platform. Our activities contribute to the understanding of physio-pathological mechanisms, to the identification of therapeutic targets and biomarkers, or to the evaluation of the biological activity of formulations of active ingredients, of interest to the academic and industrial sectors.

Via the GENOPS network, we implement the following technologies on the platform: i) Sequencing of the transcriptome (RNA-SEQ) and genomic regions (DNA-SEQ), in partnership with the NGS sequencing platform of the I2BC (CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette), ii) Quantification by digital PCR (Droplet Digital PCR, ddPCR) of the expression of genes in extreme samples (low quantity and/or quality), in partnership with the @BRIDGe microgenomics platform (INRA, Jouy-en-Josas).


  • Mrs Claudine DELOMÉNIE

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17 Avenue des Sciences
IPSIT, Faculté de Pharmacie
91400 ORSAY

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  • GENOPS (Réseau des plateformes de GENOmique Paris-Saclay)

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