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The AnimEx platform is located on two sites of the University of Paris-Sud, the Faculty of Pharmacy in Châtenay-Malabry (AnimEX1) and the INSERM Centre of the Antoine-Béclère Hospital in Clamart (AnimEX2). Its main mission is to offer the scientific community in the public or private sector, animal housing and breeding facilities and equipment for the functional exploration of small animals. AnimEx is a member of CAPSud (Consortium des Animaleries Paris-Sud), is attached to the CEEA Ethics Committee n°26 and uses the Tick@Lab software to manage its animals.
AnimEx1 (Châtenay site): Housing capacity: 3,500 cages (mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits). Surface area: 1,200 m².
AnimEx2 (Clamart site): Housing capacity: 840 cages (3,500 mice). Area: 200 m².


  • Mrs Valérie DOMERGUE
  • Mr Denis DAVID

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17 avenue des Sciences
IPSIT - UFR de Pharmacie, Bâtiment Henri Moissan
91400 ORSAY

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  • Consortium des Animaleries Paris-Sud (CAPSud)

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