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IPS2 / Plateforme Métabolisme Métabolome

Technological platform


The platform offers metabolomic and isotopic analysis services and supports research on the primary (carbon, nitrogen and sulphur) and secondary metabolisms of plants and their responses to environmental constraints.
Our dual speciality allows us to combine metabolomics and fluxomics for a better understanding of metabolic networks within the plant cell. Our tools allow us to perform rapid metabolic phenotyping of plant lines in order to interpret the consequences of specific genetic mutations, to determine the efficiency of carbon, nitrogen and water use as well as the metabolic fluxes in plant organs. The aim of this research is to optimise plant metabolism in order to produce raw materials that can be used in the agri-food industry with a minimum of fertiliser.
In addition to local collaborations, our platform is open to public, private, local, national and international laboratories. It offers its services in the framework of collaborations or services. In both cases, the platform offers expertise ranging from experimental design to statistical data analysis.


  • Mr Bertrand GAKIÈRE
  • Mrs Françoise GILARD

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Rue Noetzlin
IPS2, plateau du Moulon (bât 630)

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