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IPS2 / Plateforme de transcriptOmique (POPS)

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The IPS2 TranscriptOmic Platform (POPS) provides academic and private laboratories with tools for transcriptome analysis by high-throughput RNA sequencing or RNA-seq. We are specialised in the analysis of plants, whether they are models or crops. The service we offer includes RNA-seq data generation, bioinformatics and statistical analysis as well as advice on the interpretation of the results. We support our collaborators from the experimental design to the interpretation of the data. The platform has been certified for all its activities according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard since 2012.
In order to offer each collaborator the most appropriate analysis for his or her biological questions, we have the equipment and the bioinformatics and statistical analysis tools for the construction of de novo transcriptomes, the analysis of the accumulation of poly-adenylated or non-adenylated RNAs, small RNAs (miRNAs, siRNAs, ribo-seq...) and poly-adenylated RNAs from very small starting quantities (up to 50pg). For tissue-specific expression analysis, we also offer transcriptome analysis after laser micro-dissection or single cell analysis using Chromium technology (10x Genomics).
In addition, we can offer our collaborators one-week training sessions in the statistical analysis of RNA-seq data.


  • Mr Etienne DELANNOY

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Rue Noetzlin
IPS2, plateau du Moulon (bât 630)

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