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Interactions cellules souches-niches : physiologie, tumeurs et réparation tissulaire (SToRM)

Research unit


The team develops projects in the areas of hematology, vascular biology, renal biology and tissue repair, studying the interactions between stem cells respective tissues and their microenvironments. Research programs include basic research approaches as well as their medical applications. Clinical studies focus on cell therapy for tissue repair and immuno-regulation of transplantation. The mutual interactions between tumor stem cells (leukemia and renal tumor) and their niches (bone marrow and renal tissue) are also studied.


  • Mr Georges UZAN

Innovation themes

Map and access

12, av. Paul Vaillant Couturier
Centre Hépato-Biliaire, Hôpital Paul Brousse, Bâtiment Lavoisier

Our research areas


-mutual interactions between stem cells and their niche
-stem cells, transplantation, immuno-regulation

Applications sectors

  • Health / wellness

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 80
Number of researchers : 64
Number of doctoral students : 14


Our results

Projects examples

-prevention of chronic dysfunction of allografts
-property of endothelial cells and specialization in tissue niches
-application of the microenvironment in kidney cancer and renal failure
-Immunomodulatory effects of mesenchymal stem cells and their secretome in tissue niches


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