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Institut LIST

Research unit


LIST is a CEA research institute, and the research it carries out is primarly focused in the fields of communication and information technologies. It is home to 6 technological platforms boasting means ranging from robotics to biomedical, virtual reality or human machine interaction. These platforms and the research they give access to allow LIST to have a strong relationship with the socio-economic medium (more than 400 industrial partners ranging from small enterprises to industry-leading behemoths, 14 start-ups created since 2001) through its R&D activities and a strong presence in European research (>200 ongoing projects).


  • Mr Jean-Noël PATILLON

Innovation themes

Map and access

Avenue de la Vauve

Our research areas


- collaborative robotics
- virtual reality
- augmented reality
- non destructive testing
- instrumentation
- radioactivity metrology
- conception and analysis
- quality control
- sensor integration
- component designed for safety and reliability
- diamond materials and sensors
- internet of things
- data analysis
- knowledge engineering
- calibrating tools
- imagery and radiotherapy modelling

Applications sectors

  • Sports / Leisure
  • Automation, machinery / Robotics

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 700
Number of researchers : 450
Number of doctoral students : 130

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

Academics and industry:

- GERIM : Non destructive testing platform
- interactive robotics platform
- immersive virtual reality and real-time interactive environment simulation
- radiotherapy accelerators
- tomodensitometer
- curietherapy sources
- cobalt 60 irradiation
- material attacks testing
- focused Ion Beam microscopy (FIB)
- source code analysis software (FramaC)
- open software workshops (Papyrus)
- professional software suites (Scade Suite, MaTeLo, TIS Analyser)
- high level modelling environment


Our results

Valuation offer

Projects examples

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

- France : CETIM, ENSAM, CentraleSupelec, Télécom Paris Tech, Télécom Sud Paris, C2N
- International : Carnegie Mellon University (PA, USA), DARPA (R and D pour DOD, USA), Institut Fraunhofer (Allemagne), VTT (Finlande) ,KIT (Allemagne)


Establishments of affiliation