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Institut Lavoisier de Versailles (ILV)

Research unit


The Lavoiser institute is structured in 3 research teams covering the whole chemistry related domains, from the synthesis of molecules to the material science:
- Organic synthesis
- Molecules-Matter and Materials
- Electrochemistry and physical chemistry of interfaces
A technical platform for analysis and characterization (PACA) as well as a spectroscopy center (CEFS2) are part of the institute and available for external users. ILV is a very innovative institute widely involved in several industrial and academic partnership.


  • Mr Emmanuel MAGNIER

Innovation themes

Map and access

45, avenue des Etats-Unis

Our research areas


- Organic synthesis and reactivity: nitrogen heterocycles, organofluorine, peptides, conjugated polyaromatics
- Green chemistry, metallo- and organo- catalysis
- Inorganic chemistry and coordination chemistry: polyoxo-and thio-metallates, hybrid molecular systems
- Supramolecular organic chemistry, inorganic and hydride
- Porous materials, hybrid and composites
-Nanochemistry: synthesis, characterizations and applications of inorganic,organic, hybrids nanoparticles and nanocomposites
-Structural analysis: NMR (solid and liquid) and X-ray diffractions for materials characterization
- Electrochemistry, interfacial electrochemistry, electronic engineering
- Passivation and functionalization of semiconductors, electrodeposition, surface chemistry
- Surface characterization: advanced techniques for surface analysis
- Molecular systemes, materials, innovative nanomaterials and composite fro catalysis applications, optoelectronics, photovoltaic, biology and therapeutics?.

Applications sectors

  • Other business
  • Energy
  • Health / wellness
  • Electronic / photonics
  • Chemistry / Plastics (Glue, Plastic, Rubber...)
  • Materials (Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Composite...)
  • Cosmetics

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 100
Number of researchers : 55
Number of doctoral students : 25

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

Technical platform for analysis and characterization (PACA) and spectroscopy center (CEFS2):
- IR spectroscopy
- High resolution mass spectroscopy and tandem
- Scanning electronic microscopy coupled EDX analysis
- Solid state and liquid state NMR
- X-ray diffraction (powder, monocrystal, temperature)
- UV-visible spectroscopy
- DLS and Zetasizer
- Nitrogen porosimetry
- Microwave for synthesis
- Interfacial electrochemistry, impedance, photo-electrochemistry, luminescence, ellipsometry
- Atomic absorption


Our results

Valuation offer

- Analysis and characterization of simple and complex molecular architecture, materials, nanomaterials and surfaces (using the equipment available in the platform and the center of spectroscopy)
- Development (conception and synthesis) of organic and inorganic compounds, materials and nanomaterials specifically activated
- Test and controls
- Consulting and formation (habilitation period for the technical equipment, methods and analysis)

Projects examples

- Several innovation prices in innovative exhibitions (Geneva 2015, Brussels 2014, etc) related to the biological effect of Molybdenum coordination complexes on the growth of Spirulina and European honey bee colonies
- Open lab project with an industrial group (PSA) on the theme of the decontamination of cabin air
- PMA² (Advanced Metallization Processes for Microelectronic and Photovoltaic Applications) Joint Research Team (ERC) with KMG Ultra-Pure Chemicals
- Founder of the Photovoltaic Federation (CNRS) IdF, the IPVF (PhotoVoltaic Institute of Ile-de-France) and the IEED (Institute of Excellence in Decarbonated Energy)

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

ILV develops multiple scientific collaborations with several universities and major research organizations in France and abroad.
- France: participation in several ANR projects, calls for projects Ile-de-France region (DIM Analytics, OxyMore, Nano-K). Laboratory associated to the Photovoltaic Federation (CNRS) IdF, the IPVF (PhotoVoltaic Institute of Ile-de-France) and the IEED (Institute of Excellence in Decarbonated Energy). Lab associated with Labex CHARMMAT, NanoSaclay, Patrima. Participation in CNRS GDRs (GDR 3711 Cosm'actifs)
- Europe: participation in 2 FP7 European projects (Sotherco and M4CO2), 1 H2020 Gramofon project and 1 COST program (Horizon 2020)
- International: 2 International Associated Laboratories (LIA) with Russia (LIA CLUSPOM) and with Japan

Private collaborations

ILV collaborates with industrial partners from different sectors through national or European projects, among which:
Saint-Gobain, KMG Ultra-Pure Chemicals, EDF, IRDEP, CEA-INES, Sanofi-Aventis, Bruker, Total, Polymem, Tecnalia, Besol, ITM, Johnson Matthey, MOFTech ...


Establishments of affiliation