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INRAE / Unité Expérimentale Sciences de l'Animal et de l'Aliment de Jouy (UE SAAJ)

Technological platform


SAAJ's missions are twofold:
- to provide quality animals, corresponding to scientific demand, in the context of research focused on embryonic and foetal development, animal behaviour and the development of vaccine strategies
- to meet the experimental diet needs of INRAE's research laboratories by producing special diets on request.
Within the framework of its "animal experimentation" activity, the UE SAAJ produces experimental models at given physiological stages or for studies of human pathologies, provides biological material such as oocytes, ovaries, embryos, foetuses, cells and tissues from living animals or after euthanasia. It maintains "precious" animals such as transgenic, immunised or operated individuals. It provides technical services on animals including unique ultrasound methods. Three species are available: rabbit, sheep and goat. Within the framework of its "Contract Diet" manufacturing activity, the UE SAAJ prepares specific experimental diets in small quantities for INRAE research laboratories by producing diets on request and in a reliable manner (incorporation of micro-quantities) (deficiency or toxicity studies for example).


  • Mr Patrice CONGAR
  • Mr Xavier BLANC

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