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Inflammation, chemokines and immunopathology

Research unit


The Inflammation, Chimiokines and Immunopathology laboratory is interested in the pathophysiological mechanisms of the immune system and inflammation.Three teams are thematically sharing the work and are interested respectively in the immunological deregulation at the origin of the viral resistances , the influence of the intestinal microbiota on the liver resident macrophages, and finally the autoimmunities / immunodeficiencies. The presence of clinicians in the unit allows a translational approach research, as well as its membership in IPSIT and LabEx LERMIT leads to therapeutic innovations.


  • Mrs Françoise BACHELERIE

Innovation themes

Map and access

32, rue des Carnets

Our research areas


- hematopoietic development
- host / virus interference, microbiota
- immunotoxicology and allergy
- hepatic pathophysiology (obesity, alcoholic disease)
- autoimmunity and immunodeficiencies
- anti-tumor immunity
- therapeutic Innovation

Applications sectors

  • Biotechnology
  • Health / wellness
  • Education / Training
  • Chemistry / Plastics (Glue, Plastic, Rubber...)
  • Materials (Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Composite...)
  • Cosmetics

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 63
Number of researchers : 26
Number of doctoral students : 18

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

Academics and industry:
- IPSIT Platform


Our results

Projects examples

- European project ABIRISK: Anti-Biopharmaceutical Immunization: Prediction and analysis of clinical relevance to minimize the RISK
- inserm microbiote
- Guidelines in toxicology / anti-allergic therapies and vaccination

Industrial and scientific relations

Private collaborations

- collaboration with several major companies


Establishments of affiliation