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The Biological Resource Centre (CRB) provides a single storage unit for all biological samples generated and/or used by the National Health Biology Infrastructure/IDMIT platform. Currently we offer different storage conditions: -20°C, -80°C, -150°C and room temperature. The management of all information concerning biological samples is ensured by the LIMS "BATLab", an online laboratory information management system, designed to store, integrate and visualise heterogeneous data sets. BATLab within the CRB is used to ensure both sample traceability and data security. Various monitoring systems are used to detect freezer failures. A team is at your service to organise sample shipments and receipts. The CRB is managed by our external partner: the private company OncoDesign.


  • Mr Frédéric DUCANCEL
  • Mrs Mylinda BARENDJI
  • Mr Julien DINH
  • Mr Guillaume FICHET

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18, route du Panorama
CEA Paris-Saclay, site de Fontenay-aux-Roses, IDMIT

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