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I2BC / Plateforme de cristallisation

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Protein crystallography is the main approach to characterise the 3D structure of proteins related to drug candidates and to determine the molecular basis of complexes between proteins and their partners DNA, RNA, other proteins, peptides, lipids and co-factors.
The crystallisation platform allows automated screening, analysis and optimisation of macromolecule crystallisation conditions. In particular, it offers self-service access to crystallization and crystal visualization robots, provides its users with ready-to-use crystallization kits, and can carry out collaborative crystallization and crystallography projects.
This platform is part of the I2BC's Structural Biology platforms, which include: i) the Crystallisation, NMR, CryoEM, Macromolecular Interaction Measurements platforms, and ii) the technical platforms for Soluble or Membrane Protein Expression in Yeast, Protein Expression in Insect Cells and Structural Bioinformatics.


  • Mrs Solange MORERA

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15, rue Georges Clémenceau
I2BC, site d'Orsay, Faculté des Sciences de Paris-Sud
91450 ORSAY

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