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The Virology Department is part of the Institute of Integrative Cell Biology (I2BC) and focuses its research on two main themes, the host-virus interaction and the determination of the atomic structure of macromolecular assemblages formed during an infection. viral.
More transversal themes also emerge from the department's activities:
- mechanism of the viral entry
- viral assembly and transport and intracellular transport of viral and subviral particles
- innate immunity.
This research is fundamental to identify new targets and put in place new therapeutic strategies against viral diseases


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Avenue de la Terrasse
Bâtiment 21

Our research areas


- Escherichia coli infection process by bacteriophage T5
- assembly of caudal bacteriophages and infection of Gram-positive bacteria by these viruses
- correlative structural virology by electronic cryomicroscopy and radiocristallography
- rhabdovirus
- Molecular biology of rotavirus
- virulence and latency of herpesviruses

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  • Health / wellness

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 45
Number of researchers : 26

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I2BC plateform


Our results

Valuation offer

- mouse model mimicking HSV-1 infection
- fluorescent viruses and live-cell imaging
- reverse genetics technique
- cryo-electron microscopy and radiocristallography


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