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I2BC / Bioinformatique intégrative (Biol2)

Technological platform


The technical platform offers access to several servers and methodologies dedicated to structural bioinformatics. Among the many services offered, the platform provides approaches to structural prediction, protein docking, computational design and molecular dynamics simulations.
This platform is part of the I2BC Structural Biology Platforms cluster which includes: i) the Crystallization, NMR, CryoEM, Macromolecular Interaction Measurements platforms, and ii) the technical platforms of Soluble or Membrane Protein Expression in Yeast, Protein Expression in Insect Cells and Structural Bioinformatics.


  • Mr Raphaël GUEROIS
  • Mr Olivier LESPINET

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CEA/DRF/JOLIOT, CEA Paris-Saclay, I2BC@SACLAY, SB2SM and I2BC (UMR 9198)

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