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GENOPOLE / Plateforme de Microscopie électronique

Technological platform


The electron microscopy platform, set up by Genopole, Inserm and MINES ParisTech (UMR CNRS 7633), hosts, in equal parts, activities in biology and materials physics. The fields of activity for cell and tissue biology are, on the one hand, morphology and ultrastructural immunocytochemistry and, on the other hand, the development of nanoparticles for protein vectorization. The fields of activities related to the physics of materials are, as for them, the analysis of nanomaterials and new alloys, the damage, the structure and the properties of interfaces and finally the analysis of processes of protection of materials and multimaterials.


  • Mr Julien PICOT
  • Mohamed SENNOUR

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63-65, rue Henri Auguste Desbruères
Ecole des Mines de Paris
91003 ÉVRY

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