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Génie Electrique et électronique de Paris (GEEPS)

Research unit


Geeps originated from the fusion of several research departments studying varied fields from materials and devices to electrical and electronic energy systems. It's structured around 3 main research axes : (i) Materials (Phemadic), (ii) Electromagnetism (PIEM), and (iii) Systems (ECo2).
Geeps is part of the NanoSaclay LabEx on aspects tied to materials and of the LaSIPS LabEx for systems and software tools. To this fundamental research are coupled experimental developments in partnership with many industrial actors, as underlined by the SystemX IRT and competitivity poles such as Mov'eo, System@tic and Astech.


  • Mr Claude MARCHAND

Innovation themes

Map and access

Avenue Joliot Curie

Our research areas


- materials physics : physico-chemical, tribologic, structural, electronic and opto-electronic characterization of devices, instrumental developments, interfaces and contacts
- electromagnetism : advandes behavior laws, multiphysical coupling, radioelectrical and electromagnetic compatibility, complex waves and environments
- engineering of electric and electronic systmes : conception, modelling and optimization of those systems (electrical network for public distribution, microgrids, sensors, integrated circuits and microsystems, electrical discharge)

Applications sectors

  • IT / software
  • Networks / Telecom
  • Energy
  • Aeronautics / Aerospace
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronic / photonics

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 128
Number of researchers : 70
Number of doctoral students : 59

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

- AFM, photocurrent
- electronic spectroscopy (XPS, UPS, Auger)
- optical spectroscopy (µluminescence, µRaman, UV/VIS/PIR, FTIR)
- PV modules
- software platform for electromagnetic modelling ( simulation codes for active materials CoMaPi 2D/3D, wave propagation simulation)

Industrial :
- electronic spectroscopy platform XPS-AES-UPS http://www.lgep.supelec.fr/index.php?page=prestations-xps-aes-ups

Our results

Valuation offer

Many patents such as :
- controle module for energy inside a converter (2016)
- solar cell (2016)
- integrated charger in the power chain of an electrical or hybrid vehicle (2015)

Development of the COMAPI software to model magnetically-electrically-mechanically coupled phenomena http://lgep.geeps.centralesupelec.fr/index.php?page=mocosem-plateforme-logicielle

Projects examples

- Automobile mechatronics chair (Faurecia/CentraleSupelec/Esigelec) http://www.lgep.supelec.fr/index.php?page=Chaire-Mecatronique
- Armand-Peugeot chair (ESSEC Business School/ PSA University) https://sites.google.com/a/essec.edu/chaire-armand-peugeot/home/objectifs
- Renault-Nissan partnership in Japan
- STIC-ASIE 2D Nanotech (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Semiconductors lab Chuang Gung University of Taiwan)

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

- France: numerous regional - with ITE (Institutes for Energetic Transitions) - IPVF (solar arrays) and
VeDeCom (non-carbon emitting vehicles)- and national (GDR, CNRS, CEA-INES) collaborations. SystemX IRT
- International : Singapour University

Private collaborations

- France: SOLEILS (start-up), CSI (PME)
- International : Thalès, ST-Microelectronics, Faurecia, Renault-Nissan..


Establishments of affiliation