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Fluides, Automatique et Systèmes Thermiques (FAST)

Research unit


The laboratory of Fluids, Automation and Thermal Systems (FAST) studies the problematics dealing with physical mechanics.
Its research activities are divided into four areas: Instabilities, Waves and Turbulence/ Convection and Transfers/ Granular materials and Suspensions/ Porous and Fractured Media.
The themes about thin films, porous and fractured media represent an important area of industrial techniques and processes making the FAST unit a potential actor in application sectors such as Matter, Material, Nanosciences, Aeronautics...


  • Mr Harold AURADOU

Innovation themes

Map and access

Rue du Belvédère
Bâtiment 530
91405 ORSAY

Our research areas


Instabilities, Waves and Turbulence :
- Free surface instabilities of thin films or Faraday-type material and non-Newtonian behaviour
- viscous instabilities of miscible liquids or gravity-induced mixture
- study of inertial waves and rotating turbulence
- physics of viscous filaments Physique des filaments visqueux
- free surfaces and trails
- topography measurement of the surfaces of liquids

Convection and Transfers :
- instabiIities, thermal convection and solutions in complex fluids
- flow and evaporation in the vicinity of a contact line
- drying of complex fluids, auto-structuring of deposits
- dangling films: instabilities and interation in gaseous environment
- convection and drying applied to the understanding of planetary environments.

Granular materials and Suspensions :
- granular media
- rheology of suspensions
- gravity fed flow: granular avalanches, gravity currents, sedimentation issues

Porous and Fractured Media :
- characterisation and restoration of pictorial layers
- flow of biologically active fluids
- pressure measurement in suspensions
- cracking of thin films
- geophysics and plate tectonics Géophysique et tectonique des plaques
- active fluids

Applications sectors

  • Other business
  • Mechanics
  • Materials (Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Composite...)
  • Sailing / Leisure boat building

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 41
Number of researchers : 25
Number of doctoral students : 8

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

Academics and industry:
Characterisation platform of mechanical and physicochemical properties of fluids and solids
- particles analyser A
- densimeter - controlled atmosphere microbalance (Hiden IGA)
- mechanical profilometer equipped with a stylus (Bruker DEKTAKXT)
- profilometer equipped with optical pens
- temperature reference - Refractometer
- rheometer (Anton-Paar)
- rheometer (Low Shear)
- tensiometer (KRUSS DSA30)
- high speed PIV system
- 3D-printer and Laser cutting Imprimante 3D et Découpe Laser

Gyroflow plateform http://www.fast.u-psud.fr/gyroflow/


Our results

Valuation offer

- imaging in mechanics of fluids
- anememetry, Rheology
- characterisation of complex fluids

Device and method for measuring the viscosity of a fluid http://www.fast.u-psud.fr/~auradou/Patent.pdf

Projects examples

- intensification of transfers in open flows
- convection in planetary magma of oceans
- convection and destabilisation of an immersed granular medi
- blocking transition
- effect of obstacles on avalanches
- injections of complex fluids in porous environments of great economic potentials

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

- France : CNRS, UPMC, CEA, Institut de physique de Rennes, Laboratoires Gulliver et de Physique et Mécanique des Milieux Hétérogènes (ESPCI), Laboratoire de Géosciences et LIMSI à Paris Sud, IFP Energies Nouvelles, Laboratoire of the Future (LOF), LEGI (Grenoble), Laboratoire de Physique (ENS Lyon), Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France (C2RMF)

- Europe : Marie Curie Initial Training Networks, Marie Curie Fellowship, NIOZ (Pays-Bas), ETH Zurich, ISSKA (Suisse), DAMTP (UK)

- International : Grupo de Medio Porosos, de l'Université de Buenos Aires (Argentine), Laboratoire de Physique de l'Université de Trondheim (Norvège), IASBS Zanjan (Iran), U.C. Santa Barbara (Etats-Unis), Case Western Reserve Univ. (US), Levich Insitut, City College de New-York (États Unis), Schlumberger-Doll, Boston (États Unis), University of Idaho (Department of Geological Sciences)

Private collaborations

Contracting activities with Air Liquide, St Gobain, SNCF, SOLVAY, SCHLUMBERGER


Establishments of affiliation