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EXHALOMICS / Plateforme d'analyse de l'air expiré

Technological platform


The Exhalomics® platform is dedicated to the medical applications of exhaled air analysis. Exhaled air contains several hundred volatile organic compounds, markers of pathologies or of the response to drug treatments, which can be analysed using two technologies: electronic noses and mass spectrometry. The Exhalomics® platform has five commercial or academic electronic noses and a high-resolution, high-sensitivity mass spectrometer for real-time analysis of exhaled air. The platform is located in the pneumology department of the Foch Hospital and conducts a series of clinical studies dedicated to the analysis of exhaled air, mainly in pneumology, infectious diseases and oncology. The platform has the capacity to handle all stages of clinical research (from the design and submission of protocols to the authorities to the performance of studies in accordance with Good Clinical Practice), both analytical and post-analytical. The data generated are analysed in collaboration with a team of mathematicians from the CEA, specialised in the processing and statistical analysis of these "omic" data.


  • Mr Stanislas GRASSIN DELYLE
  • Mr Louis-Jean COUDERC
  • Mr Philippe DEVILLIER
  • Mr Emmanuel NALINE
  • Mrs Hélène SALVATOR

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40, rue Worth
Hôpital Foch, service de pneumologie

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