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European photon-based institute of research on ancient materials (IPANEMA)

Research unit


The European photon-based institute of research on ancient materials (IPANEMA) is a centre for the development of advanced methodologies of material characterization in archaeology, paleo-environments, paleontology and cultural heritage, and the support of synchrotron-based research through external users hosted on the platform. To this aim, IPANEMA develops and provides advanced techniques for preparing specimens, to study artifacts and samples, and statistically analyze collected imaging datasets. The institute occupies a leading position owing to its original non-destructive approaches for collecting morphological, structural and chemical information on ancient materials.


  • Mr Victor ETGENS

Innovation themes

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Université Paris - Saclay, Site du Synchrotron SOLEIL, BP48 Saint-Aubin

Our research areas


- development of new 2D and 3D methods of analysis (X-ray, UV/visible, infrared)
- design of specific analytical couplings
- sample handling and preparation
- multivariate analysis of spectro-microscopy data
- systematization and automation of processing, characterization of object corpus

Applications sectors

  • IT / software
  • Networks / Telecom
  • Construction / Architecture / Urban planning / Real Estate
  • Other business
  • Art / Culture
  • Electronic / photonics
  • Materials (Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Composite...)
  • Personal services / services to individuals

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 20
Number of researchers : 17
Number of doctoral students : 4

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Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

- France: Muséum national d'histoire naturelle, Ministère de l'Education nationale, de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche
- Europe: NWO (Pays-Bas), European Commission
- International: The Smithsonian Institution (USA), Getty (USA), NSF (USA)


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