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Endogenous retrovirus and retroïd elements in superior eukaryotes

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The team of endogenous retroviruses and retroid elements of the higher eukaryotes works on human infectious and endogenous retroviruses. This laboratory has identified a domain that has immunosuppressive properties that play an essential role in the ability of these viruses to invade their host and in tumorigenesis role. Research also focuses on the ability of tumor cells to escape the antitumor immune response and penetration of the materno-fetal barrier of the mammalian placenta. This research activity, at the junction of virology, oncology, immunology and development, enables new vaccine and therapeutic approaches, taking into account the properties of the identified domains.


  • Mrs Odile HEIDMANN

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114, rue Edouard Vaillant

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- capacity of retroviruses to invade their host
- capacity of tumor cells to escape anti-tumor immune response
- formation of the materno-fetal barrier of the mammalian placenta

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  • Health / wellness
  • Biotechnology

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Total number of employees : 17
Number of researchers : 11
Number of doctoral students : 3


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