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ECOSYS / Plateau de chimie environnementale de recherche

Technological platform


The objectives of the environmental chemistry research platforms are to provide skills and analytical and experimental tools to support research in the field of the environment, with the sharing of a common problematic on the characterisation of the functioning of different environmental compartments and on the evaluation of impacts linked to the dynamics of contaminants in the environment. These platforms, brought together in an environmental chemistry centre, operate with personnel from the constituent units (from technicians to research engineers), with dedicated part-time work, and a sharing of skills and analytical equipment. They provide technical support for the construction of collaborative projects and for structuring external partnerships. The various platforms are: radioisotopes (experiments with 14C-labelled molecules), stable isotopes (experiments using 13C and 15N), liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (analyses of organic compounds in complex matrices), greenhouse gas analysis (quantification of CO2, NH4, N2O and SF6), and measurements of volatile organic compounds (continuous measurements in the field or in the laboratory).


  • Mrs Marjolaine DESCHAMPS

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