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DESIRS (Dichroïsme Et Spectroscopie par Interaction avec le Rayonnement Synchrotron)

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DESIRS (Dichroism and Spectroscopy by Interaction with Synchrotron Radiation) is an undulator light line covering the VUV range (5-40 eV) with a unique combination of very high resolution, spectral purity, flux and fully variable polarisation.
DESIRS offers new opportunities for the study of photon-induced processes via valence electrons on mainly gas-phase samples, such as cold molecules, radicals, laser-excited species, biomolecules, ionic biopolymers, aggregates and nanoparticles as well as in the condensed phase. This includes high-resolution spectroscopy, molecular dynamics and reactivity, and photoionisation dynamics studies. In addition, the availability of calibrated polarisations (linear, circular) of the photon beam is a unique feature of the beamline allowing the study of molecular chirality and anisotropic properties of matter via different types of dichroism experiments.


  • Mr Laurent NAHON

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