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Department Organic Synthesis and Catalysis

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The main objective of the Department of Exploratory Chemistry in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis (CESOC) is to conduct fundamental research in organic synthesis, upstream of any potential application, but nevertheless strongly inspired by these applications and their impact on society. The CESOC department covers several main themes with four priority research axes:
- the development of new methodologies and innovative synthetic tools,
- the discovery of new reactions or reaction sequences that are always more efficient and less expensive in energy,
- the development of original and ever more effective chemo and stereoselective reagents and catalysts in a context of eco-compatible chemistries,
- finally, a last axis which consists in the valorisation of these new methodologies and new tools in the synthesis of natural and / or biologically active products.
This fourth priority axi is transversal and results in enriching exchanges and makes it possible to concretize collaborations with the other departments of the ICSN, Natural Substances, Chemical Biology and obviously the Department Structural and Analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry, thus benefiting from the most modern analytical, crystallographic and theoretical tools for the characterization of complex products and the in-depth study of reaction mechanisms.


  • Mrs Géraldine MASSON

Innovation themes

Lab of attachment

Map and access

1, avenue de la Terrasse

Our research areas


All members of the department are associated with axis 2 Multicatalysis of the LabEx CHARM3AT (CHimie of Multifunctional Molecular ARchitectures and MATerials) and the term catalysis is one of the key thematic keywords that best identifies the activities of the CESOC department. Our expertise in the field of catalysis ranges from organometallic catalysis (Pd, Ru, Pt, Au, Ag, Rh, Cu) to enantioselective organocatalysis (amines, phosphines and chiral Brønsted acids) and current projects currently at the leading edge of this field: reaction cascades, multicatalysis (cooperative, synergic and relay catalysis) multi-component reactions (MCR), ...

Applications sectors

  • Biotechnology
  • Other business
  • Health / wellness
  • Chemistry / Plastics (Glue, Plastic, Rubber...)

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 22
Number of researchers : 12
Number of doctoral students : 10

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

Academic and industry:
- microwave reactors
- flow chemistry
- hydrogen generator
- Parr appliances
- automated separation and purification devices Companion CombiFlash IscoTM
- chiral HPLC and SFC - HPLC chains for the measurement of enantiomeric excess
- particularly high resolution mass spectrometers: Micromass LCT First instrument (Waters)
- IR, UV-Visible and fluorescence spectrophotometers
- polarimeter
- circular dichroism
- access to several spectrometers from 300 to 950 MHz


Our results

Valuation offer

Collaborative projects in the short, medium and long term:
- reception of staff on a given period in the laboratory
- CIFRE doctoral scholarships
- provision of equipment
- consulting
- services provision
- training in expertise areas

Projects examples

- study of the catalytic behavior of Brønsted acids and that of the alkali and alkaline earth metal complexes in different types of reactions (formation of C-C bonds, C-N bonds, C-X bonds, etc.)
- organo-catalysis by chiral phosphoric acid, and phosphine organo-catalysis

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

- France: NSAU (Nice), MNHM (Paris), IRD (Toulouse), IGBMC (Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg), INSERM (Paris), Institut des Métaux en Biologie (CEA et Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble), Institut Curie (Orsay)
- Europe: Université de Lausanne (Suisse), Institut Génétique et d'Elevage (Pologne), University of Technology (Pologne)
- International: Texas A et M University (Etats-Unis), French Vietnamese Laboratory of Natural Products


Establishments of affiliation