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Cryo-electron microscopy provides access, at the nanometre scale, or even a few Å, to the conformation and organisation of macromolecules in solution, while preserving their native environment, in particular hydration and ionic environment, which play a key role in the structures and functional properties. Originally mainly dedicated to biology, it is also adapted, in soft matter physics, to the study of organised molecular system systems (lyotropic liquid crystals, polyelectrolytes, organic and inorganic materials in solution). The CRYOTEM@LPS platform allows :
- cryo-electron microscopy in thin films, for nano-objects in solution: viruses, isolated macromolecules and macromolecular complexes, liposomes, nanoparticles...
- cryo-microscopy of glassy sections (CEMOVIS), for massive specimens: cells and biological tissues, liquid crystals, bulk polymers, etc.


  • Mrs Amélie LEFORESTIER
  • Mr Jéril DEGROUARD

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1, rue Nicolas Appert
LPS, campus universitaire d'Orsay, Bâtiment 510
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