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Centre Pierre Naville: employment, employment, training, technologies, territories, work, training, technologies

Research unit


Created in 1994, the Centre Pierre Naville (CPN) conducts its scientific activities with the objective of reconciling theoretical and applied research in the fields of sociology of work, employment, training, territorial development and public policies, sociology of scientific and technical innovations and visual and film sociology.

The CPN is in collaboration with partners (companies, local authorities, associations), in particular by training doctoral candidates in CIFRE thesis, future specialists in the sociology of work and organisations, professional training, training-employment relations, new configurations of urban spaces, public policy issues and science-technology-society interactions.


  • Mr Guillaume TIFFON

Innovation themes

Map and access

2, rue du Facteur Cheval
UFR des Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société
91000 ÉVRY

Our research areas


- new work organisations
- new ways of evaluating work
- use of information technology (ICT) in the workplace
- studies of service companies
- occupational health
- sociology of scientific work
- training-employment relationship
- process of professional integration of beginners

Innovations and Territories
- biomedical policies
- sociology of synthetic biology
- innovations in the functioning and public policies at the territorial level

Visual and film sociology
- sociological research documentaries
- image and sound analysis

Applications sectors

  • Construction / Architecture / Urban planning / Real Estate
  • Other business
  • Health / wellness
  • Art / Culture
  • Other industry
  • Administration / Public sector
  • Education / Training
  • Media / Communication / Publishing / Events
  • Personal services / services to individuals
  • Business services

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 35
Number of researchers : 15
Number of doctoral students : 20


Our results

Valuation offer

Techniques of observation and data collection by interview or questionnaire. Drafting of investigation reports or research missions.
Know-how: theoretical and empirical research, documentary video search
the CPN organizes a monthly seminar open to all public and devoted to the research topics of its members. An opportunity to debate the social, economic and political issues of contemporary societies

Projects examples

Examples of some documentary films:
- Femmes en banlieue (Women in the suburbs): relationships between different communities and women's relationship to urban social life
- Rêves de chaîne (Dreams of chain): changes in labor work after the advent of lean production

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

Scientific Networks
- CNRS Research Federation Labor, Employment and Public Policy (TEPP).
- DIM GESTES (Task Force on Work and Suffering at Work).
- French Association of Sociology (AFS): Thematic Network No. 25 (Work, Organizations, Employment) and Thematic Network No. 47 (Visual and Film Sociology). The members of the CPN actively participate in RT 18 (Professional Relations), RT 29 (Science and Technology in Society) and RT 30 (Sociology of Management).
- MSH of Paris-Saclay.
- INJEP (National Institute of Youth and Popular Education)


Establishments of affiliation