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Biomolecules: conception, isolation, synthesis (BioCIS)

Research unit


The CNRS BioCIS UMR (Biomolecules: Design, Isolation, Synthesis) is a major player in academic research within the Pharmacy UFR (Paris-Saclay University). It has solid expertise in the field of biologically active natural substances, the development of synthesis methodologies and the rational design of new chemical entities (NECs) for therapeutic purposes. Our research efforts in therapeutic innovation focus primarily on neurodegenerative diseases (eg, synucleinopathies, tauopathies) and rare diseases (PAH, epilepsies), anti-infectious, antiparasitic and anti-tumor agents (eg, immuno-oncology, immunoconjugates). The scientific objective is the search for bioactive NECs in the aforementioned fields. With the establishment of a screening platform (CIBLOT) and the possession of a chemical library (approximately 2000 molecules), the scientific expertise of BioCIS is recognized in the fields of natural and synthetic substances. Our partnership approach with biotechnology companies or national and international pharmaceutical groups on eminently topical research projects and our ability to develop our activity at the chemistry-biology interface (filing of patents) clearly illustrate the successes achieved by BioCIS in the field of therapeutic innovation.


  • Mr Mouad ALAMI

Innovation themes

Map and access

17 Avenue des Sciences
Faculté de Pharmacie
91400 ORSAY

Our research areas


- supramolecular associations
- new methodologies for organic synthesis
- extractive chemistry
- analytical techniques applied to natural substances
- pharmacochemistry and biological properties of natural substances
- complete synthesis of natural substances and organic synthesis methodologies
- molecular and cellular biology
- molecular modeling
- protein-protein interactions
- fluorine chemistry, fluorinated phase
- peptide synthesis and peptidomimetic
- selective process and metal catalyzed reactions
- heterocyclic chemistry
- green chemistry, eco-compatible, multi-components process and/or bioinspired
- research on bioactive substances from natural or synthetic origin
- pharmacomodulation of anticancerous substances, neuromodulators and antiparasitics, biological screening

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 89
Number of researchers : 62
Number of doctoral students : 34

Equipment(s) open to collaboration

Academics and industry:
- NMR : Bruker 200, 300 and 400MHz
- chemical library
- microanalysis: PERKIN ELMER 2400 series, Ultra high pressure, PCR, L2 laboratory


Our results

Valuation offer

Expertise :
- analytic-quality control
- scientific expertise in regulation
- consulting

Main projects:
- immunoconjugate project (SATT Paris-Saclay maturation)
- HTAP project (SATT Paris-Saclay maturation)
- tumor reversion project (SATT Paris Saclay maturation)
- AntiPark project (license in progress)

Projects examples

- antileishmaniasis chemotherapy
- fluorinated synthons and peptidomimetics (synthesis and biological properties)
- pharmacochemistry and biological properties of natural substances (conception of modulators of dopaminergic neurons, conception of ligands of neuronal pentameric receptors)
- design and synthesis of fluorinated carbapenemase inhibitors
- characterization of payloads as part of an ADC strategy
- characterization of small immunomodulatory molecules

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

- France: INSERM (Kremlin Bicêtre, Bichat), Saint Louis UMR 8612, Paris-Saclay University, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Gustave Roussy Institute, Pasteur Institute, Jerôme Lejeune Institute, CEA, ENS-Cachan, Territoire outre-mer
- Europe: Università Insubria et Università degli Studi di Milano (Italie), University Valencia (Espagne), Univ. Belgrade (Serbie)
- International: Université de Quebec (Canada),Fiocruz, Univ. BelHorizonte, Natal (Brazil), LIA-Hong-Kong (China), LIA-MOSAR (USA),ITT-Madras (India), ICCBS-Karachi (Pakistan), Univ. (Ivory Coast), Univ. Accra (Ghana), Univ. Bogota et univ. Antioquia (Colombia)

Private collaborations

- collaborations with several french and international major groups and SME


Establishments of affiliation