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ATTOLab-Orme is an experimental laser platform for interdisciplinary studies of ultrafast dynamics - electronic and nuclear dynamics on femtosecond (10-15 s) and attosecond (10-18 s) time scales - in dilute or condensed phase systems.
Initiated by an Equipement d'Excellence programme and complemented by several important local funding, ATTOLab-Orme was inaugurated in February 2017 on the CEA-Orme des Merisiers site.
The facility houses a dual femtosecond infrared laser combining high power and high rate. It delivers two distinct light channels, each coupled to an attosecond light line equipped with experimental stations for gas or solid phase studies.
These experimental tools make it possible to observe and control the dynamics of electronic and nuclear wave packets, particularly during chemical reactions, or the dynamics of spins in magnetic materials. ATTOLab-Orme is a platform widely open to external users.


  • Mr Pascal SALIERES

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