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Alimentation et Sciences Sociales (ALISS)

Research unit


The Food and Social Sciences Laboratory studies the economics and sociology of consumption and the food industry, the behaviors and strategies of the players in the food system. The laboratory contributes to the development and evaluation of public policies on agri-food standards. It is divided into two areas of research: study of eating behaviors and industries strategies, food sociology, which deals with the analysis of the links between social morphology and food consumption patterns and the analysis of food standards. This work is part of a policy to monitor consumption trends through partnerships with major groups such as Danone and Nestlé.


  • Mr Olivier ALLAIS

Innovation themes

Map and access

65, boulevard de Brandebourg

Our research areas


- consumption analysis
- consumption economics and agri-food industry
- evaluation of public food policies

Applications sectors

  • Health / wellness
  • Agri-food industry
  • Agriculture
  • Personal services / services to individuals

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 43
Number of researchers : 22
Number of doctoral students : 9


Our results

Projects examples

- consumption analysis
- crises and mutations in the European campaigns. Long-term economic, social and environmental challenges
- offering and consuming sustainable food
- the social inequalities of nutrition in France: 1969-2010 evolution of food and nutrient purchases
- long-term impact and climate change adaptation in viticulture and oenology
- health security of meat from organic agriculture
food data platform project https://www6.versailles-grignon.inrae.fr/aliss/Projets-et-Partenariats/PLATEFORME-ALIMENTATION

Industrial and scientific relations

Scientific collaborations

TSE toulouse, CREM Rennes, Düsseldorf University , Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE), Gerona University, Albacete, Münster, Louvain, Ghent, Lisbon, LundCRH (EHESS-CNRS)CERHIO (CNRS - Rennes University 2)BIOIS BIO Intelligence Service - VP Environment World- GREMAQ Research Group in Mathematical and Quantitative Economics- GENIAL Process engineering Food - GAEL Laboratory of Applied Economics of Genoblee- NLPMM Lipid nutrients and metabolic diseases prevention- UREN Research unit in nutritional epidemiology

Private collaborations

- France : GG (Danone DG Nature, Nestlé)


Establishments of affiliation