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Lip(sys)²/ Plateforme de spectroscopies et imageries vibrationnelles

Technological platform


The lip(Sys)² vibrational platform specialises in physico-chemical analyses at the interface with biology. Applications range from the study of the molecule to in vivo analyses, and from drug dosage forms to polymer studies. The main expertise is developed around the analysis of skin structures.
The platform includes 5 vibrational spectroscopy instruments including: a Raman imaging microspectrometer equipped with a temperature (-20 to120°C) and RH (0 to 90%) control system, an FTIR imaging microspectrometer (medium and near infrared), an ATR-FTIR medium-infrared spectrometer and two portable Raman spectrometers for field analysis.


  • Mr Ali TFAYLI

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17 Avenue des Sciences
Lip(Sys)², Faculté de Pharmacie
91400 ORSAY

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