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URGI / Plateforme de bioinformatique

Technological platform


The platform services cover database design, software engineering, software hosting, data integration and training.

The platform activity (information system and genome analysis) is closely linked to the URGI research activity (data integration, repeated annotation, genome structure and dynamics). On the other hand, the platform benefits from the research expertise and analysis tools of its staff (mainly engineers).

The platform develops and maintains a genomics system (GnpIS) for plant and pest genomics to enable scientists to extract genomic and genetic data. GnpIS is accessible via a public web portal or by browsing the data using a quick search ("google like search") or advanced search tools (Biomart, Galaxy, Intermine).


  • Mrs Anne-Françoise ADAM-BLONDON
  • Mrs Joelle AMSELEM
  • Mr Michael ALAUX
  • Mr Raphael FLORES

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INRAE, centre de Versailles

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