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Signalling, Nuclei and Innovations in Oncology

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The laboratory Signaling, nuclei and innovations in oncology works on understanding the main nuclear functions of cells responsible for cancers. The various parameters studied are: membrane trafficking, macromolecular complexes, proteomics and epigenetics, intracellular organization, resistance to apoptosis in B cell lymphoma, the tumoral microenvironment, exosomes / micro RNA and finally collective invasion and epithelial morphogenesis. In particular, the laboratory uses molecular and cellular imaging to obtain a three-dimensional view of the mechanisms involved in oncogenesis. This work is at the origin of the several patents realized thanks to numerous partnerships with industrialists.


  • Mrs Joëlle WIELS

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114, rue Edouard Vaillant

Our research areas


- membrane transport, macromolecular complexes and cancer
- intra-nuclear organization and pathological models
- oncogenesis and resistance to apoptosis in B-cell lymphoma
- maintenance of genomes, molecular microscopies and bionanosciences
- tumoral microenvironment, exosomes and micro-RNA in solid tumors

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  • Health / wellness
  • Biotechnology

Total number of employees

Total number of employees : 40
Number of researchers : 12
Number of doctoral students : 14


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